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Thank you for following my journey. My name is Marjorie and I am morbidly obese. I have battled with my weight my whole life. I have had ups and downs yet I refuse to give up. Join me on my journey to claiming my body back. Is going to be a long road.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Personal Trainer

"My World Is Expanding As My Butt is Shrinking"

I invite Bob Harper into my living room every day.  He is my personal trainer. Even when my body tells me, I can not do it, Bob pushes me to my limit and just when I think I can not longer continue, Bob reminds me that "It suppose to feel uncomfortable"!. so I keep pushing myself until I am done my workout. When I am done, I feel so alive and feel that I am in control of my body and that I am slaying the DRAGON!
(I refer to the Dragon when I talk about my fat). The are so many reasons why we should all take the time to exercise.
Here are few reasons why you should exercise and invite Bob to your living room;
  1.  Enhanced memory concentration.
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety level.
  3. Breath better.
  4. More energy.
  5. Muscle tone.
  6. Better sleep.
  7. Loose weight.
  8. Joy.
  9. Self-esteem.
  10. Self worth.
  11.  A "Me Time.