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Thank you for following my journey. My name is Marjorie and I am morbidly obese. I have battled with my weight my whole life. I have had ups and downs yet I refuse to give up. Join me on my journey to claiming my body back. Is going to be a long road.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Did You Just Say...Chris Powell?

“Before you can make a dream come true,  you must first have one"
I love this book by Chris
Almost one year ago at the end of this month I decided to start a Facebook page to give hope to those that are morbidly obese.  As soon as I posted my first weight loss tip I began to have followers . I became instant friends with some but with some not so much.
 I have met some friends for life on my facebook page but it was not always like that at the beginning.
Thomas was one of my followers that would always  leave his comments on most of my posts . I remember thinking ...“This guy thinks he is an expert on everything!”. That was then. I do not think like that about him  anymore, in fact  we have  become good friends and I think he is a great guy.  I know now that Thomas Yang knows a lot about fitness and Nutrition, and all he wants to do is make people  be aware of  it ! https://www.facebook.com/emergencyfit in fact Thomas Yang has a Bachelors in Physiology and he is working on his Masters in Kinesiology and he has a passion for fitness.
So you are probably asking yourself, how Thomas Yang and with Chris Powell are connected with this post?  It all began  about a year ago  when I shared with Thomas that one of my dreams was to have an autograph picture from the amazing Chris Powell.!.  Thomas told me that Chris lives in Arizona and he did too! One day  Thomas said to me…”You never know I might meet him one day!” I made my friend made me a promise..it went something like this....  “Promised me if you ever meet him you will get an autograph picture of him for me!” and Thomas being the caring guy he is ..he said “Of course I would !” I remember thinking “This will never happen. Who am I kidding!!
A year later I moved to Utah to attend university, and of course I kept thinking to myself.” I am closer that I will ever be to Chris Powell, he is in Arizona I am in Utah!!. One day I received a message from Thomas telling me, he had been picked to be in the Extreme weight Loss show with Chris Powell! I almost fell off my chair, but  he said  “I am not sure if I will get to meet him or even talk to him”. Few months later Thomas was off to California to be part of the show!!  I remember feeling excited for him but nerves at the same time!

My friend Thomas and Chris Powell

 One afternoon I got home from university and I turned my computer on and checked facebook  Thomas had sent me a message  “Haven’t you seen your facebook  yet?” I quickly clicked on my page and saw Chris face! Then I realized I had to click on play!!! I was wondering what in the world was going on?!!! And I heard Chris voice that  said "Marjorie!!...that is all I remember.. I started to scream  from the top of my lungs..my husband quickly came to my room that I use as a study room and asked  what was wrong,.! I could not even speak. I was crying, jumping, laughing, screaming all at the same time!! I pressed play again and began to listen to the video message Chris Powell had sent me..

OMG!I was in cloud nine!! I played the video over and over and over, I felt like a little girl at Christmas time!. I thought to myself. How many people would kill to have a personal video message from the amazing Chris Powell? I then realized that I  had worked very  hard to lose  190  pounds.  I deserved this gift!




       Below is the video message I received from Chris Powell!!!

I feel that Chris is one of the most compassionate and understanding  people in the weight loss industry. When I watch his show I see the emotion and compassion that he has for the people he helps. He always touches me beyond belief! and I still hope that one day I will get to  meet him.
I absolutely adore him!!
 Keep dreaming everyone...I know sooner or later dreams do come true!