Welcome to my blog.

Thank you for following my journey. My name is Marjorie and I am morbidly obese. I have battled with my weight my whole life. I have had ups and downs yet I refuse to give up. Join me on my journey to claiming my body back. Is going to be a long road.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


“All the happiness you ever find lies in you"

I think in this life we all want to be happy, but many of us expect happiness to magically descend on us, like a dove from heaven. And many of us don’t know how to create happiness in our lives or the lives of those around us.  Since I started my weight loss journey, I have realized that happiness is right at my fingertips, waiting for me to reach out and enjoy it. I know now that if I don’t make happiness a personal priority, happiness only appears by accident or as an afterthought.  Life is too short for that. If you want to be happy or happier, aim for happiness. Being happy has helped me tremendously to loose my weight.

Happiness is........
· Looking into my husbands eyes and seeing nothing but love shine back at me.
· Having a glass of ice water and actually enjoy it, and known that is good for me.
· Counting calories.
· Choosing fruit over cheesecake.
· Laughing out loud
· Being in control of my body
· Getting on the scale
· Exercising
· Focusing on my positive experiences.
· Gratitude
· Simplicity
· Believing in me.
· Knowing my life is a gift from God.
· Walking
· Choosing yogourt over Ice cream
· Fitting in smaller clothes
· Knowing I have a wonderful family that supports me on my weight loss journey.
· Accepting my setbacks.
· Knowing that through my blog I might inspire someone to start their  weight loss journey.

 “ For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness”