Welcome to my blog.

Thank you for following my journey. My name is Marjorie and I am morbidly obese. I have battled with my weight my whole life. I have had ups and downs yet I refuse to give up. Join me on my journey to claiming my body back. Is going to be a long road.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


"Determination today leads to sucess tomorrow"

Here are some smart tips that have helped me with my weight loss.
  •  Plan your grocery shopping.
  •  If you know you have a busy day, plan ahead
  •   If you’re headed to a party, munch on a healthy snack first.
  •  Brush your teeth after every
 meal. This will send a clear signal to your brain that the meal is over.
  •  Make sure to get enough sleep. Being over tired ca be a trigger for snacking and over eating.
  • Eat until you feel satisfied not until you feel stuffed
  •  Use Vegetable and Chicken broth instead of butter or oil.
  •  Don’t multitask while you eat. Pay attention and enjoy the food you take in.
  • When sitting down at a restaurant start the meal with a glass of water.
  • Wait  15 minutes to eat something you think you want to eat. If you still thinkinng about it 15 minutes later, you really want it, other wise it was a passinng urge.

" The science behind weight loss is simple. You need to burn more calories than you take in."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Major Milestone

"My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones"

For the first time in my life I went to a walking track. I never imgined in my life that I would actually walk 5 times around a track. For most people this is no big deal.  But  for me, it's a major milestone. There was a time, no too long ago when I could  barely  walk a block without feeling that I was going to die. The inner Marjorie
 reminds me how important is to have a healthy body and that I can do anything if I really believe it! In the other hand my "human Marjorie" whispered in my ear, "I was not going to be able to go around the track not even one time because I am so obese".  As I was walking around the track, I saw so many people passing me and I felt like I was left behind and felt like a real looser. This feeling took over my entire body. I started to question if my legs would be able to carry my big body around the track. I almost quit walking but the inner Marjorie kept pushing me to continue going and remind me how proud she is of me. As of April 9, I have lost a total of 113 pounds.  When I thought about this accomplishment I wanted to shout from the top of my lungs, "I CAN DO THIS AND NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME!!!"
Eight months ago, I made up my mind that I am in control of my body and that I am going to beat this obesity.

 Moose Jaw Walking Track
 Walking on a track may not be exciting right now, but it is a good way for me to determine how fast I can walk and how far.  Most people using the track are passionate walkers and runners and they all seemed so serious about what they are doing. On the other hand have to remind myself that as long as I am moving I am doing something right. And I need to use my body to the best of my ability.
 Have you thought about going to the track today?.