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Thank you for following my journey. My name is Marjorie and I am morbidly obese. I have battled with my weight my whole life. I have had ups and downs yet I refuse to give up. Join me on my journey to claiming my body back. Is going to be a long road.

Friday, May 6, 2011

" Feeling Like a Princess, on my Wedding Day"

   "We are all born worthy. Worthy of love, worthy of success"

For long as I can remember I have never felt beautiful, until the day I got married to my best friend. I remember feeling like a princess and for the first time looking in the mirror and finding myself beautiful!. Through the years I have felt ugly and not of worth. Being ashamed of my body has made me feel worthless and unwanted. Since I started this weight loss journey I have felt of worth and beautiful.
I remember when I was younger there was a lady that used to walk around downtown wearing a big, bright cape around her neck, that read " LET ME BE FREE". So many times I feel like wearing a cape that would read " LET ME BE FREE, I HAVE LOSS 123 POUNDS AND GOING STRONG…PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME”. So many times people (strangers) have to ruin my day. I see them looking at me like I am some weird creature or someone out of this planet., and then they don't stop there they talk about me and some even laugh at me! My inner Marjorie always reminds me that, I am of infinite worth and to not let people of that nature define who I am. They don't know me and at the end of the day, the one person by my side is my sweet and caring husband that has loved me no matter what size I have been or will be. So don’t let others define who you are. I have learned this lesson the hard way.
 Do what is best for you. If  people don't take the opportunity to get to know you because of your size, or how you look, it is simply their loss. I have to keep reminding myself that I am of infinite worth and so are you.